Apple brings back the fever of classic games to iOS

If you are one of those gamers who love the classics, you may have noticed that many games that were all the rage in the past are now available to be played on Apple devices.

From Doom to Sonic to a classic game of Bingo, these have been the most sought after games by iOS gamers. We’ll talk a bit about them on Best Learning Academy.


If you like classic games, surely you have enjoyed playing Bingo online or offline . And now it is within reach of your device to play this modality even with the possibility of real money bingo games.

That’s right, if you want to play bingo and keep winning money, this is totally possible. Incredible true? Forget going to church bingo with your grandmother and download it to play on your iOS.


Doom is one of the classic shooting games that was a craze in the 90s. If you don’t know this game, it’s likely that your father or your uncles know it, because even today it is one of the cult shooting games in history.

For Counter Strike and other famous first-person shooters to exist , which today occupy not only amateur competitions but even eSports championships, Doom had to exist first. The rest is history.

If you are always looking for the best iOS games, it is worth downloading them to your Apple device and experiencing this retro fever.

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Sonic is the most loved and well-known hedgehog on the planet. He has even jumped from the console screen to the cinema screen. Not surprisingly, it is one of the main classic games downloaded on Apple devices.

The classic game that in the 90s was restricted to SEGA video games can now be played and downloaded on all kinds of devices, including iOS.

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Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk, apart from being a famous skateboarder, also lent his name to one of the most classic skateboarding games. That is why it is also one of the most requested games by fans of all devices. It is another of the classics that can also be found and downloaded from the Apple Store.

Pac Man

Pac-Man is the classic among classics. Originally released in 1980, this simple game in which a yellow character runs through a maze eating dots, fruits and running away from little ghosts, has survived generations. It’s only fair that it’s also available for Apple devices.

A super curiosity, did you know how Pac-Man was invented? He was actually inspired by a pizza without a slice. Long before games like Mario Bros, Pac-Man was the first game to feature t-shirts, mugs, key chains, jackets, and hundreds of other merch items.

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Mario Bros

The mustachioed Italian plumber who conquered the world along with his brother Luigi and other characters could not be left out of a return to the classic games available on Apple devices. If you have an iPhone and haven’t downloaded Mario Bros from the Apple Store yet , mamma mia, what are you waiting for?

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Classic games are the best option to spend hours of fun

Every day dozens of new games appear that tend to disappear as fast as they appear and begin to occupy the lives of children, adolescents and even adults in search of entertainment.

However, few become classics and transcend decades and generations passing from father to son. If this is the type of game you prefer, the list above is sure to give you hours and hours of fun whatever your Apple device.

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By Best Learning Academy Team