Refund Policy

Learning Academy Co. LTD wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any informational or sales questions. If you believe the service you purchased is not suitable for your needs and you try to resolve the issues with our support staff, we want to make things right.

As we sell digital products ebook courses, themes, plugins and deliver them via email after purchase, once you request a refund, you will not be able to subscribe to our service again. And apply for refund within 7 days of purchasing the product. After 7 days, refund requests will not be accepted. If any problem is encountered, it will be solved through negotiation (any problem).

As we provide all the details after purchasing the product, we refund 50% of the product after refund request. And do not provide any kind of product support in the future.

To send us your refund request, follow these steps:

Use the mail address you used to purchase our service and you can contact us via chat support on our website, a ticket in your account or an email.


Please pay the correct amount of our subscription price. Intentional or unintentional overpayments are non-refundable. Due to our high volume of orders and huge customer handle it is difficult to manage. If necessary, you can pay $0.01 less than our price, but do not overpay. Many people mistakenly give euros or pounds instead of dollars. So please be careful.

We always try to put customers and their problems first. But we can and do get intentional or unintentional mistakes in handling our huge customer base. So we apologize in advance to all customers. We shall not be liable in future for this error. Hope everyone understands our mistakes. If have any further queries feel free to ask. Thanks