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Services provided by Best Learning Academy

The great objective of Learning Academy Co. LTD is to offer credible and practical information to all users of themes, plugins, mobile applications, desktop applications or internet applications. If you are looking for an application for a specific task or goal, Best Learning Academy aims to help you find the perfect solution for your goal. You can get in touch with us so that we can study some of these applications if we don’t already have any analyses of applications that fulfill the goals you’ve outlined in our database.

If you have produced an application for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, Windows, etc., and would like to have it analyzed by our editorial team, write to us and ask us to analyze it. We will be happy to analyze your application and make this analysis available, free and paid of charge to all users who daily consume information and share experiences on Best Learning Academy.


We have a lots of customer and solve their problems. There are many customers who can understand very easily. And there are many customers who are new to the settings, issues or many things. The purpose is to make our customers happy. But it is not possible for us to make all customers happy. However, we apologize in advance if we have made a mistake intentionally or unintentionally. We will not be liable to any customer for this. You have to work with us according to this. Hope everybody understands. Thanks

All clients and customers must work with us legally. We will not be responsible for any illegal or harmful act to people. And if you want to work with us, please pay the exact amount that our price is. Excessive payments intentionally or unintentionally are not refundable. Because of our extra orders and handle huge amount of customer it is difficult to track. If necessary, you can pay 1 dollar less than our price, but do not pay extra. Many pay euros or pounds instead of dollars. So be careful please.

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To subscribe to some content on our website, you must check the option that is in accordance with this privacy term in the respective registration form. By confirming your subscription, you agree that your data will be used for the distribution of content by Best Learning Academy. It should be noted that, in all communications by email or messages, you will always have the possibility to remove your subscription.


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Best Learning Academy website does not publish any data related to the Companies and/or Readers except the name of the Company or individual who may publish content on the Blog. Email is the primary form of communication, and it is how all contacts with organizations or people should be established. The usage of cookies and IP segments is approved by the user. Cookies and IP segments are used by our website traffic analyzer to recognize data for statistical purposes: the conclusion of the initial visit, the quantity of times you have visited, the close of the last visit, URL and the domain from which it comes, the explorer used and the screen resolution. However, if the user wishes, he can disable and/or delete cookies following the instructions of his browser.

You can also request by e-mail: to remove your data from our database. For this we ask for a period of 10 days where we will do the cleaning and update our files.