9 Tips for Appearing in Instagram Explore

Explore is like curating the algorithm. Instagram needs to understand that your content is relevant to suggest to users. In other words, the platform itself will help you get closer to the audience that is interested in the subject you publish, but that still doesn’t follow you.

Gaining visibility and increasing your engagement can be simpler if you show up on Instagram Explore. Want to understand how to improve this on your account?

In this article, we will give you 9 tips on strategies to improve the chances of your content being recommended by the tool.

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Through Explore, the tool allows you to:

  • Increase your reach
  • Get discovered by the right audience
  • Grow your engagement

What is Instagram Explore?

Even if you have a good audience within the platform, there will always be people who are interested in the subjects published by your profile, but who still don’t know you.

Therefore, being discovered by new users is essential! And, Instagram Explore is one of those strategic places.

The platform offers the option of a magnifying glass where users can search for topics or accounts that interest them.

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In this way, your account gains the possibility of being discovered by users looking for profiles with your content.

As soon as you type in the search subject, several videos and images appear, even those from accounts you don’t follow.

So how do you secure a spot to appear on Instagram Explore?

How does the Instagram Explore algorithm work?

All artificial intelligence uses our data and customs to adapt the suggestions to our reality and, with the Explorar no Instagram algorithm , it is no different.

It is a unique system for each user, which is based on their constant interactions within the platform, just as Google works with our search data.

Therefore, when you open Explore on your profile, you will likely see content suggestions that are very different from the suggestions that will appear to your friends.

This is because Instagram recognizes content within the platform that is similar to what you react to, identifying the type of content you prefer.

Another important issue is that, according to Instagram, this is content that comes exclusively from accounts that the user does not follow, as the main objective of Explore is to help you “discover new things”.

Therefore, appearing in this coveted space can boost your engagement . This is because the people who will receive the suggestions are very likely to interact, as they are interested in similar content.

But of course they need to find more of that same quality, relevant content on your profile. Then, they will follow you and consume your publications and products/services.

So let’s go to the tips that we have prepared so that you can benefit from this incredible opportunity that the platform offers.

9 tips for appearing on Instagram Explore

Before starting the list, write down a first important insight. The best way to get into Instagram Explore is to make your posts as engaging as possible.

Relevant content is essential!

Now, without further ado, let’s get to our tips:

1. Analyze your Explore

Every engaged profile has at least one thing in common: planning! And good planning is done by observing and analyzing data. So first of all, it’s worth stopping content production and taking a step back. Open your Explore bar and start by doing a search there.

Can you start by noticing which posts are being suggested?

What makes these posts so compelling?

What is the most common post format ?

What kind of hashtags and keywords are used in these captions?

This way you can be inspired by these publications and create your own.

2. Invest in Reels

Yes, this is no secret. Instagram is delivering a lot more content from Reels and videos.

And, if you followed tip number 1 and went to your Explore, you can see the amount of Reels suggested there. Now if you haven’t seen it yet, we brought you a look at how many times the Reels symbol appears in Explore below:

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All this reflects the growth and maintenance of this tool as one of the great bets of the platform. Therefore, the more you invest in this content, including Reels in your strategy , the greater the chances of appearing in searches.

3. Posting times

Do you know when your audience is most active on the network? As we said in the first item of our tip, observing and analyzing are fundamental tools.

And the more you know your audience profile, the more likely they are to engage with your posts. And the more engagement, the more the algorithm understands the relevance of your account and suggests it to new followers.

So be aware of this item, look for this information in your profile analysis and be creative with your content.

4. Try new formats

Do you use the main trio of formats? Carousel, post and video need to happen!

Each of them has its advantages – click on this article to see which one has the most engagement – ​​and you will have the opportunity to understand how to work with each one and, thus, generate greater engagement in your accounts.

Carousels are great for teaching your followers something and are great for growing your account.

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5. Strategic hashtags

Hashtags have had better moments within the platform, but they are still at the forefront when it comes to your content appearing on Explore.

They can greatly increase the chances of your posts and videos being discovered, but for that you need to get the way to label the content right.

Instagram’s own algorithm will do this work itself, if you don’t use hashtags, but ideally you correctly categorize your content.

This will certainly make the platform’s work easier and increase the chances of suggestions for more relevant users.

6. Keywords in posts

One of the most important points is the keywords in the captions of your posts.

Using the right words can really help your content show up in the Explore tab on Instagram.

The best Instagram captions should contain:

  • An eye-catching opening line , which creatively completes the art of your post and draws attention so that the person wants to continue reading;
  • Objectivity and clarity in the information , without fuss, but with content different from what he finds out there;
  • Tone of voice that talks to the follower and here it is essential to know who your audience is and how they relate, to get the messages right;
  • An ending with CTA (Call to action) directing the audience to the desired action like: save this post or share this content. Be direct and only use one option per post so the follower knows what to do.

Of course, hashtags also need to be included in your captions, but as we talked about them above, here we are going to focus on the texts.

And, the crucial point to appear in Instagram Explore, considering this structure that we mentioned, is the use of the relevant keywords of your content, clearly and well described.

Thus, you will be helping the algorithm to understand your content, labeling and suggesting correctly.

7. Partnerships with brands and creators

A tactic that has been used a lot lately is the partner. So much so that the platform itself has been creating resources to facilitate the dissemination of shared content.

When your brand is associated with an influencer or other brands that have the same ideal, vision and values, the probability of expanding your following is enormous.

The benefit is mutual, as the brand’s followers can follow the influencer and vice versa. And, when they are brands with similar values, most likely the public profile will be similar and both stand to gain.

A successful recipe for getting a spot on the Explore tab on Instagram.

Now, an important tip , be very careful with partnerships. Associating with a brand or influencer needs to be well studied, so that your brand is not harmed rather than improved.

In addition, a good partnership focuses on the audience, authenticity and truth of the content. Think about it!

8. Using Instagram Analytics

Have you ever been surprised by the views of any of your posts? This must have happened to you, both positively and negatively.

And why did this happen? You will only be able to understand if you frequently analyze your profile metrics.

To access and analyze you can access it through the app or through the Meta Business Suite, which is a platform native to Instagram and Facebook and can help you a lot in organizing, scheduling and analyzing your content.

9. Ads in Explore

Finally, let’s go to a guaranteed spot to appear in Instagram Explore. Did you know that there is an option to choose your ad placement so that it also passes through Explore?

Well, this is a surefire way to show up there and improve your visibility, reach and engagement on Instagram.

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