Windows 10 for $7.40: Microsoft Office Lifetime License for $27.36 at Keysoff!

Software is always evolving. With developers improving performance, features and updates that also help users have a better experience, or improve their productivity.

And with these updates comes the need to update.

Constant updates can get expensive, especially when it comes to high-end products that millions of people around the world use in their day-to-day home and work environments, such as Microsoft Office and Windows OS.

But thanks to Keysoff, you will have access to Windows and Microsoft office cheap and genuine.

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It offers you a huge discount to get a real Windows 10 Pro for just $7.40, and you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free!

Get Office 2021 for $27.36 and you can use it for a lifetime without paying extra for it.

Keysoff offers multiple product portfolios starting at $5.75 for Windows 10 and $14.13 for Office 2021!

After the user downloads the software from the official website it is activated with the license key purchased from Keysoff, so you don’t have to worry about the security of the software.

So, enjoy the best sellers! (no discount code)

Genuine Windows OS starts at $5.75 and Office 2021 starts at $14.13! (Prices are variable)

Keysoff Advantages

First, Keysoff knows the “history” of every license they sell, and ensures that the licenses they sell are 100% authentic, with no security concerns.

Second, because Keysoff sends activation information and an invoice for your order, there are no CDs and no logistics costs, and you can get Windows OS and Microsoft Office for a fraction of the price!

Keysoff not only has good products, but also has excellent after-sales service.

As long as you buy products from Keysoff, you can also enjoy permanent after-sales service!

Now is the perfect opportunity to save money while completing your PC upgrade with this special offer!

24/7 technical support and lifetime after-sales service

Buy now at KeysOff!

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